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City of Wichita Budget Simulator

Wichita's Budget Simulator

Ever wondered what it would be like to manage the City’s $244 million dollar operating budget? 

Which projects would you prioritize?  Which areas would you cut? How would those decisions affect residents in their daily lives?

You’re about to find out! The City of Wichita’s budget simulator will let you make some very important decisions about the City all with the slide of a button. 

But this isn’t a game. It’s a chance to make an impact on the City’s budget process through your feedback!  We’ll be reviewing all of your proposed budgets to better understand the community’s priorities. Afterwards, we’ll share the results.

This tool will be available for only a few weeks so make sure to start working on your budget today! 

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Your property taxes are paid to the City of Wichita, Sedgwick County, your school district, and the State of Kansas. For the purpose of this simulator, the property taxes only reflect the portion paid to the City of Wichita, which is about 28% of your total property tax bill. 

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